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holy shit

i don't know what it is, but this scares the fuck out of me.

10/10 don't ask me why.

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Kick ass

the game and my song

--2-2--0---1---2---3---3---4--4-----3 ---86--------------------------------
-------------4-4--3-3-3-4-4---3-5-3-5 -4-84-8---8----6-4---4---------------

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this has a dnb feel to it. not necesarilly drumstep like nnetsky, but youve done damn good! my head was bobbing the entire. very brooding and moody. i love it.

DjDragonfire responds:

Wow thanks:) yes I tried to make a dnb vibe to it also with some ambience glad you liked it ;3;

i'll right this as i listen.

Piano is good, but the guitarish pluck doesn't really mesh. it's a combination of the notes, as well as the character's of the two instruments.

because of this distraction, the beginning begins to become repetitive. i can see the concept for what you are going for, and it will work if you straighten up the battle between the two instruments.

the middle break had a lot of potential. my tip to you is, when there is supposed to be a calm silence or "breather" in a song, put a pad behind what your doing (in this case the piano) . actual silence doesn't sound right most of the time in songs, and should be taken care of. this way, the pad will provide a subtle movement and character, without imparting itself or heavily influencing the intervalic tonality (or mood of your chords/notes if you aren't up to speed on your theory terms :) )

Overall this was fairly plain, but has quite a bit of potential. if you keep practicing you'll feel and hear the difference between the instruments, notes and everything so you can help better setup your theme and emotion of the song. here, so you know i'm not blowing smoke, this is the first song i ever did. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/208774 i honestly had no idea what the fuck i was doing. if you need pointers while making a song, i'll be happy to help :)

i hope you don't see these as me critizing you meanly. when i was just starting out, and learning how to but my visions into material form, i wished i had more critiscm to base my learning off of. i'm just trying to help you succeed at what i'm hoping you love to do :)

I love it! as always! i just think the tone that holds for the beginning of the song, (the higher pitched one) needs to be toned down a bit. it's quite loud for how long it is. other than that, i'm not hearing anything really wrong. i love the atmosphere! i love the thump to your kick, and am possibly wondering if i can steal whatever you made to make it :) you did a great job! i love the chords, progression, instruments and everything!

5's all around my friend!

dicennian responds:

Steal my keyboard? I'm gonna go right away and insurance that one. Nah, but thanks man :)

I'm a home producer who plays guitar and is into everything. Classical, Metal, Dubstep, techno, rock, a bit of rap,80's pop, indie music, everything. the only thing i don't like is country. Always open to collabs, and general chitchat!

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