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I'm a home producer who plays guitar and is into everything. Classical, Metal, Dubstep, techno, rock, a bit of rap,80's pop, indie music, everything. the only thing i don't like is country. Always open to collabs, and general chitchat!

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Posted by Theledge93 - June 21st, 2012

Sup Newgrounds. I have been using this site for quite some time, but i feel like now is the time to move on and explore bigger things. i am going to be deleting my page and pursuing a career in dj'ing and music production, and newgrounds seems to have dead ended a bit. 


all hope is not lost. i do have a twitter, facebook, and soundcloud. i'll post the links. if you want to keep following me on this journey of mine, then :

Twitter: @LedgeOfficial
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ledgeofficial

Posted by Theledge93 - December 13th, 2010

Howdy dudes and dudettes. feel free to comment to your hearts content below, and keep the music flowing!

Posted by Theledge93 - April 30th, 2009

Hey everybody!

How's Life going?

Good I 'spect. ANYWAYS, I am in the middle of a Collab with a man named Benesh It's sounding pretty sick, in fact i'm listening to it right now. Benesh hasn't even heard it. but i think i did his chord progression justice!

On to another subject... let's see, hmmm.... that's actually about it. now let's see what cool interweb stuff i can dig up...

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Now something funny!

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And now a picture!

Oooh! The Joy!

Posted by Theledge93 - April 6th, 2009

First off, Gravey1 is one funny motherfucker! I haven't even seen the guy's face and i'm crying because i'm laughing so hard!

Now that that is over with;



You know, i don't usually complain, but i'm tired of this zero bombing shit. It might have worked in WWII, BUT NOT NOW! it's not funny. no one thinks you're "cute" for doing it. there are some aspiring artists that are trying to get known on the Grounds, and every vote is crucial to them. So when one of you overly self-confident, small dicked losers comes by and drops a zero, it's a big fucking hit.

the song you just royally assfucked could've been the next chart topper! but you HAD to fap to the sound of the mouse clicking the zero. so now the song will probably be buried in the portal for all eternity. good going cock face.

rating a song a zero, and zero bombing are completely different. If a song is so sucky it deserves a zero, then that's fine. you were being a fair judge and that's your opinion about the song, but if you wait at the computer screen with your spider-man boxers down to your ankles, holding your needle dick for the newest submitted song Just to give it a zero, then you're a ZERO BOMBER!

I even figured out a way to fix this. here's my proposition:

If you are going to vote a zero , you should HAVE to submit a review of at least 35 words telling why the song deserves a zero. if you refuse, you're vote won't get counted. simple as that. and if it was a perfect world, there would be some kind of sensor that recognized if some dick face just held down a key and submitted, but you got to start somewhere.

Deep breath.

okay, Thirdly:


I have done a recent project, well projects, with the funny man above, Gravey1. We both did versions of the famous Zelda song, Fairy Fountain.

Versions here:

Fairy Fountain Redux (The Ledge93)

Fairy Fountain Remix (Gravey1)

So those are mine and his. he aslo helped me with an ongoing project, he helped get every sounding just right. THEN, he handed me the keys to a shiny new piano piece, and told me it had a full tank. boy am i excited about that! so i've got those working out for me.

But that's about it... unless you want to see a video about boning the little mermaid? I thought you would!

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Don't worry, here's another funny picture!

A Couple Things...

Posted by Theledge93 - February 23rd, 2009

Boy! what a month! i have submitted almost all the songs in my library, I have collabed with two people, I'm moving in a week, and things are getting monetarily better!

I've collabed with Gravey1 on Paradoxial March, the link is here.

Tokolos is also working on Who Knows? he's adding percussion and tweaking things around a bit. i'd give you the link, but it's not up yet.

Everyday, I'm getting better and better at making music, just look through my songs and see how the progress in quality as time goes on. I will answer any comment, review, or pm, in case you have any questions!

~The Ledge93~